Fishing Charter Boat

Our fishing charter boat is the only certified passenger vessel that can take more than 6 people on a private fishing charter. Our boat is inspected yearly for stability and safety. You can tell that we are Coast Guard certified specifically for this purpose by noticing the orange life raft on top of our boats.

Time and TIde I Front

The Time and Tide I, our Fishing Charter boat, is a custom 38 ft Delta built right here in Port Canaveral. It has been Coast Guard certified to carry 12 passengers plus crew. This is the only private fishing charter boat in Port Canaveral that can carry more than 6 passengers.  Features include:

  • Top of the line electronics and fishing equipment
  • 15 kts cruising speed
  • Plenty of shade
  • Restroom
  • Safety equipment
  • Completely refurbished in 2014