Our Florida wildlife and sights will make for a great tour all on their own. However, our captain and crew put in what we like to call “The Wow Factor”! You never know what they may find or do. They have been known to grab jellyfish, sharks, or to swim to the ocean floor to grab sand dollars and crabs. They throw nets to show you sea-life or maybe even grab a fishing rod for you to catch something awesome. Our crew want you to see, experience, and interact as much as possible. Everything they do is safe for sea-life and safe for you.

We are a family owned business and in turn, are very family-friendly. The captains and crew all have great personalities and they love their job and nature! The fun they exude is contagious and will keep you laughing while you are on the edge of your seat to see what happens nest.

We play games, tell corny jokes, and educate all at the same time.

Our captains and crew make the entire experience fun!

Captain Dustin

Born and raised in Florida, Captain Dustin (aka Captain Dusty), has been around the water so much, he practically has gills! A true native Floridian, fisherman, and nature enthusiast, Captain Dusty loves sharing his love for the salt water and all the creatures that lurk within.

Captain Ronnie

Captain Ronnie is also a native Floridian and professional fisherman. Whether its the ocean or one of our many lagoons, being outside in nature is in Ronnie’s blood. He’s always good for a corny joke. You never know what he’ll do to get you up close and personal with nature!