Fishing Charters

Full Day Fishing – 10 Hours

$1000 for up to 6 people and $100 for each additional person.
(Our boat can hold up to 18 people)

Full-day trips offer the most opportunity to experience all the great sport fishing our area has to offer. We often catch king mackerel, cobia, baracuda, sharks, and blackfin tuna. We can also deep water troll for mahi, wahoo, and sailfish and deep drop for grouper, snapper and amberjack.

Half-Day Fishing – 6 Hours

$800 for up to 6 people and $100 for each additional person.
(Our boat can hold up to 18 people)

Half-day fishing trips provide a great option to experience the great fishing we have within 20 nautical miles. We commonly catch king mackerel, cobia, barracuda, sharks, and blackfin tuna. Our half-day departure time is flexible.

Shark Fishing – 4 Hours

$500 for up to 6 people and $50 for each additional person.
(Our boat can hold up to 18 people)

Some of our most popular trips are evening/night shark trips where we fish for four hours, soaking our shark baits in the shadow of the Space Center. Commonly caught shark species include lemon, finetooth, black nose, nurse, blacktip, spinner, hammerhead, sandbar, and a vast array of other hard-pulling sharks, not to mention some huge rays. We are happy to cater to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts from the beginning angler to the seasoned shark junkie. Whatever your style of fishing, We can offer a fun day on the water for you and your family or group.

Policies & FAQ

Reservations and Payment
  • It is customary to tip the crew 15-20% for excellent service.
  • Your reservation is held with a credit card.
  • If you do not show up or cancel 5 days in advance, $200 will be charged to your credit card.
  • If Time and Tide cancels due to unavoidable circumstances such as weather, you will not be charged for the trip.
  • Your credit card will be automatically charged for the price of the trip plus 6.5% sales tax the day of the trip
    • Weather canceled trips will not charged.
What should we bring?
  • You should bring whatever you want to eat and drink for the day. We also recommend you bring sunscreen, hats, towels and any other personal items you would like to have with you.
What is provided?
  • We provide everything you need for fishing – fishing license, rods/reels, bait and tackle, ice and fish-cleaning.
Is the price per person or for a group?
  • The prices are for a group of 6 people or less. If you have more than 6 people, it is an additional per person charge.
  • Children have a great time on fishing charters! When you book a charter, please let us know how many and what their ages are. You should exercise caution when bringing infants or very young children (under 3).
  • While children are not required by law to wear a life jacket on our boat, you may bring a vest style life jacket if you prefer that your child wear a life jacket the entire time. (We have child size life vest that are USCG approved but they are bulky and uncomfortable.) We do not have infant life jackets on the boat.
Are we guaranteed to catch fish?
  • The short answer is no, that’s why they call it fishing. We do, however, have very experienced captains that know how to put you on the fish. We will always tell you ahead of time if we think conditions are going to be poor for fishing and give you options to consider.
Can we specify what fish we want to catch?
  • We will fish for whatever you want us to. It is, however, best to listen to our suggestions on what will be the best species to target based on the current sea conditions and time of the year. We always discuss the game plan with you the morning of the trip.
Alcohol, Smoking, and Other Substances
  • You may bring beer and wine to drink as long as you are 21 years of age. We do recommenced nothing in glass, just for safety.
  • Smoking is allowed.
  • No illegal drugs of any kind are permitted on the boat.
Is there a restroom on board?
  • Yes, there is an enclosed restroom on the boat. Unfortunately, our restroom are not wheelchair accessible.