This is no ordinary Eco Tour… this is an Eco Adventure!

We make our Cocoa Beach Eco Tours exciting and adventurous! Every trip is different and you never know what opportunities nature will give you! What will we see? A dolphin, sea turtle, manatee, shark, or rare bird? Will you get to see the microscopic world of the sargassum grass? Or the symbiotic relationships between jellyfish and other organisms? Our deckhand may jump in and grab a cannon ball jellyfish or horseshoe crab for everyone to see! He might catch a baby black tip shark for everyone to hold and learn about. He could pull a crab trap to see what is inside. Will it hold a blue crab, spider crab, blow fish, or something else entirely? The tricks our captains have up their sleeves is always changing and is based on weather, water conditions, and what we can likely see.

We have an on-board aquarium that we like to call our learning tank with different species we collected that morning on our way to the boat. You may get to even touch some of them! Our area is so abundant and diverse with marine life that you just never know what you may see and experience!

We also have fun games like WILD FLORIDA BINGO and “Out spot the Captain” that you can participate in. Or, you can just relax and take in the sights.

Ready for your Cocoa Beach ECO Adventure?