Our On-Board Aquarium … the Time and Tide Learning Tank!

As nature enthusiasts, we love the big creatures that we get to see… dolphins, manatees, sea turtles and birds.  But, we love the unseen world just as much if not more!  We love to watch mullet school, or how a pin fish swims.  We love to see a blow fish expand or swim around peacefully. We love to feel crabs, touch cannon-ball jelly fish, and hold small fish. We love to see the world of interesting creatures that live inside the sargassum grass. And we think that the symbiotic relationships between many of these creatures is just plain awesome!

When we take passengers to see Florida, we didn’t want to leave out this world that most people don’t see when they visit Florida, so we designed our Eco Tour boat with an on-board aquarium that we like to call our Time and Tide Learning Tank!

We stock our tank daily with whatever creatures we can find on the way to work that day.  You never know what we’ll have!  We also fill the tank during the tour with creatures we find along the way!

Ready to see Florida’s Unseen Wildlife?