Hey everybody look to your right!!! A mother dolphin with her calf come up welcoming all of the new faces aboard the Time and Tide! This is just one of many different scenarios you can expect while on a Cape Canaveral tour with us. Our tours explore areas throughout the vast Atlantic Ocean and the Banana River Lagoon. Along with dolphins, we will look for manatees, sea turtles, many different species of birds, jellyfish, sea rays, crabs, sharks, and even sometimes whales. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mother nature, and we are excited to be able to show you the many creatures and interesting historical sights that we have here in the sunshine state! We are located in Cape Canaveral near Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, and Melbourne. We are also a short drive from Orlando and the Disney / Universal Studios area. Our boats are docked in Port Canaveral, the safest Port on the East Coast of Florida.

Experience an Eco Adventure

Our tours take you on an Eco Adventure! Our Captains love nature and work hard to make every trip exciting! We play games, tell corny jokes, and show you nature in unexpected ways! We explore 3 ecosystems full of life as well as historical sites and breathtaking views. Everyone will receive a free gift to have a memory of your adventure!

Learn Florida Wildlife

We have literally hundreds of creatures in our environment. You can see and experience a wide variety of marine life including dolphins, sea turtles, jellyfish, sharks, fish, manatees, and many species of birds. Since our tours travel through the Atlantic Ocean, Port Canaveral, and Banana River Lagoon, you get the opportunity to see more of WILD Florida.

Experience the Unseen World

Many of Florida’s most interesting sea life lies below the surface. While we love seeing dolphins, sea turtles, and manatees, we love the world under the water just as much. We want to share that world with you as well, so we are the only boat in Port Canaveral with an on-board aquarium! Come see what is in the Time and Tide Learning Tank!

Kids Adventure Book

As a family owned and operated business, we wanted to make sure that everyone in every family has a great time! Adults love to sit back and relax, but kids love to learn and explore. Every kid will receive a free Kids Adventure Book that has coloring pages, information about Florida wildlife, and fun and freaky facts that kids will love to learn!

Time and Tide … Not Your Ordinary Eco Tour … This is an Eco Adventure!


You never know what you will see on an eco tour!  Check out Time and Tide Tours featured on Channel 13 News and some of our other videos in this video playlist!


Marine Life

We almost always see dolphins, turtles, and manatees! We also commonly see jellyfish, rays, crabs, and fish. When we are lucky, we get to see sharks. When we are really lucky, we see whales! We are the only tour group that has an on-board aquarium! We do this so that we can bring creatures into the tank daily to provide you an up-close and personal experience with interesting animals such as horse-shoe crabs, shrimp, small fish, small rays, and other surprises we might have waiting!


Florida has some of the best birding in the United States! There are too many species to list, but some of the most common birds we see include gulls, pelicans, cormorants, anhingas, ospreys, skimmers, wood storks, herons, sandpipers, terns, egrets, and many more! We have many birds that live in Florida year around, plus we get many species that migrate to Florida various times a year. This makes it exciting because you never know what you will see!


Other interesting sights to see include rocket pads, buildings, and the lighthouse at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. We also get to see the VAB and other buildings at Kennedy Space Center. On the way out to the ocean, we pass the Trident Submarine Base. We also often see the men and women of our Navy and Coast Guard going in and out of the Port. We have numerous Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Disney Cruise ships that you can see.

Our custom Eco Tour boat is specifically designed to make each trip an Eco Adventure! It is an open air / covered design with comfortable seating. You can easily move around the boat to see anything and everything! We are the only tour boat in our area that has an On-Board Aquarium filled with fun creatures for you to see, learn about, and possibly even touch! Our boat is certified to take up to 13 passengers each trip, which is small enough that you get personal attention and can see most everything we pass. Our boat is not a pontoon boat, and we are certified to go in to the Ocean!  This means we can safely take you to the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Banana River Lagoon!  We are Coast Guard Certified and have all of the required safety equipment including life jackets, life ring, e-pirb, and a life raft.

What others are saying

[us_testimonial author=”Sandy” company=”Quebec, Canada”] I had no idea what to expect when I booked this eco tour, but it blew me away! My kids had so much fun seeing the animals and touching the creatures that were in the aquarium. I couldn’t keep them away from the it! We saw dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, giant fish the captain called snook, white pelicans, an osprey with a fish in its grips, and a ton more birds! This tour was well worth it!

[us_testimonial author=”Robert” company=”Lansing, Michigan”] We were in Port Canaveral as a Port of Call on a cruise. We did the research and decided to book Time and Tide for a tour and boy are we glad we did! Coming from the North, where it was snowing I might add, it was so amazing to see so many sea creatures so close to the boat! I could not believe it when we saw several dolphins and a baby dolphin PLAYING in the water maybe 50 ft from the boat!!! The captain and crew were funny, out-going, and knowledgeable as well.


Are you ready for an Eco Adventure?